Things to Know When Choosing a Breast Pump March 04, 2015 08:31

Nursing mothers know the important role a breast pump plays in ensuring their baby gets nutritious breast milk, especially when they can’t be there to nurse their baby. But choosing a breast pump can be overwhelming with the many choices on the market. Here’s a guide to help you choose the perfect breast pump in Seattle for your needs.

Electric vs. Manual

When choosing between a manual or electric breast pump, think about how often you’ll be using the pump. If you plan to use it occasionally to give yourself a break with a babysitter, a manual pump may be the best choice because of the lower cost. But if you need to pump often or quickly, an electric pump is probably the best option.

Single vs. Double

If pumping time is not much of a factor for you, then a single pump (manual or electric) will probably suit your needs perfectly. But again, if time is a factor, you should probably consider a double pump. These express milk more quickly and make pumping much more convenient.

Rent vs. Buy

Your options for pumps can vary depending on whether you intend to rent or buy the pump and if insurance is involved. If insurance is involved, make sure you know what your options are to avoid additional cost.

Pump Settings

Breast pumps should be designed to mimic a baby’s sucking as closely as possible. This ensures proper letdown and expression and encourages your body to continue to produce milk. As you research and choose a pump, be sure to find one that includes both a stimulation or letdown phase, which stimulates the milk to begin to flow and an expression phase, which stimulates the milk to flow more quickly.


Finally, when choosing a breast pump, think about the options or accessories that will make pumping more convenient, thus simplifying your life. If you plan to pump on the go, find a pump with a good tote bag, extra bottles, and cold pack.