What Makes a Double Electric Breast Pump Different? April 9, 2015 08:41

Having a baby can be overwhelming enough for a new mother, but deciding how to feed your little one doesn’t have to be. Every mom has her own opinion about the formula vs. breastfeeding debate, but the most important thing is that your baby gets the nutrition he or she needs.

If you have decided to breastfeed, here are the different options of breast pumps out there and what makes a double electric pump different from the rest.

Hand Pump

A hand pump is the least expensive of all types of pumps, but it also takes the most work and time to express milk. It can be very tiring to express all the milk you need and can be impractical for a mother needing to return to work. Hand pumps are ideal if you can be around your baby all the time, prefer to feed at the breast, and only need to pump a bottle every once in a while.

Single Electric Pump

This type of pump will express milk faster than a hand pump without tiring you out. This way you can also have a hand free to eat or work.

Double Electric Pump

This pump expresses milk twice as fast as a single electric pump for usually less than twice the price, and it is ideal for women who need to pump regularly. There are accessories available to keep the pump in place so you can still use your hands for other things without having to worry about the pump slipping. If you need to stockpile milk or just pump quickly during a break at work, a double electric is the most efficient.

In the end, all pumps will express milk. But a double electric pump will make the process quicker and easier for you, especially if you are returning to work or prefer to feed your baby from a bottle.