Why We Are the Best Place to Get a Breast Pump March 20, 2015 08:43

It has been well established at this point that the best way to provide the nutrients, vitamins, and antibodies for your new baby is to give your new child breast milk. That being said, we know that it is not always possible for you to be physically present every time your baby needs food.

Whether it is work, school, errands, social events, or other such things keeping you away from your new baby, we can help you get the highest-quality breast pump in the Seattle area to help you continue providing what is best for your child.

Here at Our Perfect Baby, we know we are the best place to help you with this because we will get you the needed funding, we are a women-run organization, and we are locally based to offer personalized information.

Help with Funding

Breast pumps are not cheap. If you plan on pumping breast milk on a regular basis, then we need you to know right off that the models you really need are going to cost a pretty penny. One of the best ways we help people is to find the funding needed for this equipment. We can do so through the following ways:

  • Insurance claims
  • Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”)
  • Donations
  • Discounts

Women-Run Organization

Motherhood is a feminine role. Breast-feeding is something unique to women and, in many cases, those seeking this kind of help feel much more comfortable getting it from another woman. We are a completely women-run operation. Many of us are mothers and have personal experience with what you are going through right now.

Locally Based Help

As we are based locally, we are more than happy to help women in this area on a more personal level. Much of our help will come through the online information and forms we provide, but being a local entity gives us a much more personal connection with the women we see and work with.

If you are expecting a baby and are looking for a good way to balance your business, social, and personal needs with the desire to do what is best for your child, then we can help. We want every expectant mother to feel excited and confident about this new and wonderful stage of their life.