How to Bill Your Insurance for Your Breast Pump January 2, 2016 13:42

Breast milk is the healthiest food for a baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies under 1 year of age get most of their calories from breast milk or formula, and this should be their sole source of nutrition until between 4-6 months of age. If you are able to make the choice between formula and breast milk, breast milk is always preferable.

Fortunately, under the new health-care law, insurance is required to at least partially cover the cost of an effective breast pump. Many insurance companies will cover the entire cost of approved pumps. Here are a few basic guidelines for sending out insurance billing for breast pumps in Seattle. 

  • The first thing you should always do is call your insurance company and get some key information. Not every breast pump will be covered by your policy, so talk to your insurance provider about what kinds of pumps will be covered. They may also require that you get prior authorization so this is always an important first step.
  • Next, talk to your insurance company about how to correctly file a claim for a breast pump. You may need to get a specific form from your insurance company to submit for reimbursement.
  • Be sure that you follow all the instructions on the claim form. You will probably need to have your social security number, your name and address, your insurance subscriber ID number, and other information for the form.
  • Insurance companies will have a time limit for when you can submit a claim. Don’t wait too long or you may miss your window to file for your insurance company to cover your costs. When you call your insurance company, be sure to ask how long the time frame is for submitting claims.
  • Save all your receipts or billing forms associated with your breast pump purchase. You will need to submit these to your insurance company.