How to Pump More Breast Milk July 26, 2015 17:28

Breast pumps not only provide an excellent way for you to provide breast milk for your baby when you are away, but they also make it easy for you to gauge how much milk you are producing for your baby. Unfortunately, this can become stressful when you notice that you are unable to pump as much milk as you once were. If you’re worried about a decrease in pumped milk, follow these tips in order to increase how much milk you pump.

Nurse More When Possible

The best way for your body to know how much milk your baby needs is to let him or her nurse rather than pumping. It’s also the easiest and most effective way for milk to be expressed. Unfortunately, most moms who pump rather than nurse regularly do so out of necessity. But if it’s possible for you to trade a pumping session for nursing, you will likely see an automatic increase in milk production.

Quality Pump

If you’re pumping less milk than usual, it’s possible that your current pump isn’t powerful enough to express as much milk as you desire. This may be because of poor quality or an old pump. Be sure to check all the parts of the pump before use because if certain parts are worn out, your pump can have difficulty expressing milk effectively. Choose an electric pump if possible; they will usually express more milk than a manual pump.

Pumping Techniques

Some women mistakenly believe that if they just keep trying to pump for longer periods of time that the milk will have to keep coming. While that may work part of the time, the best way to pump more milk is to do so more frequently rather than pumping for a longer period of time. Shorten the interval between pumping sessions even if that means the overall pumping session is shorter than usual. This stimulates the breasts more often so that more milk will be produced even though you’re probably pumping for the same amount of time overall.