Why We Are the Best Place to Get a Breast Pump March 20, 2015 08:43

It has been well established at this point that the best way to provide the nutrients, vitamins, and antibodies for your new baby is to give your new child breast milk. That being said, we know that it is not always possible for you to be physically present every time your baby needs food.

Things to Know When Choosing a Breast Pump March 4, 2015 08:31

Nursing mothers know the important role a breast pump plays in ensuring their baby gets nutritious breast milk, especially when they can’t be there to nurse their baby. But choosing a breast pump can be overwhelming with the many choices on the market. Here’s a guide to help you choose the perfect breast pump in Seattle for your needs.

5 Benefits of a Hands-Free Breast Pump March 3, 2015 08:47

Nursing your baby is a rewarding experience for both you and your baby. However, it’s not always possible to breastfeed for every feeding. To help with this, pumps like a Medela breast pump make it possible for your baby to continue to receive nutrient-rich breast milk even when you can’t be there to nurse.

All breast pumps available from Our Perfect Baby are BPA free!

BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical associated with adverse health effects in children. Plastic bottles made without BPA are solid, sturdy and a safer way to store breast milk than plastic milk storage bags.